WARNING: May contain nuts

As this is a new blog, well, a new blog by an old blogger, I feel it's only fair to reiterate some basic information, a guideline so you know what to expect. A disclaimer of sorts. Because to be honest, there are times when this blog may contain things which some might consider off kilter, unusual, irrational, stark-raving, bat-shit, window-licking nuts.

And there are times when it will dwell upon my favourite obsessions and when I say dwell, I really mean get down grubby with it and don't come up for daylight. These are the recurring themes than you will encounter; the recurring themes of me.

So, if there's something on the following list which you really just don't get... the mature part of me wants to say that variety is the spice of life and the child in me wants to show you the door by throwing things at you until you get the message that you are wrong and have no heart. You are a pond dweller sucking algae and have no place in these here parts!

Seriously though, I will keep coming back to these subjects like a dog with a really expensive drool covered shoe that he stole from the postman's foot. If any of these subject's don't work for you, you might need to find a better blog because you'll think this one is crap and boring. (And tumbleweeds blow over my viewing figures from here out because, face it, this blog is probably crap and boring to anyone except me, my husband, my cat and maybe that wonderful beautiful freak who lives two roads down, loves the smell of books and autumn leaves and would like nothing more than a talking crow as a house mate... pumpkin, we are going to be best buds.)

So, don't say I didn't warn you. Here is my list of re-occurring themes/obsessions.

1) Books
I read, not necessarily quickly but voraciously and I work in a bookshop which is probably a bad thing like a compulsive taxidermist working at a veterinary clinic. I really can't help myself. I buy books, I read books, I move into a million different stories/locations/lives for short package holidays and then I will make you watch a slideshow presentation until you either want to go to these places too, or feel like you already have.
I can't help it, paper fibres and ink are in my blood - well, not really because you can't mainline books but if you could I would be there and damned my friend. Wow... there's a story in there... dibs.

2) Writing
Or maybe this should be general creativity? There is a glowing spark in me which requires some form of expression, unfortunately for the world. I write, craft, crochet, knit, paint, draw, paper fold and create a variety of interesting and sometimes ugly/pointless things. Most days there is some form of creativity happening, it gives me a sense of fulfillment and some semblance of normal mental health.

Which leads me to 3) Mental Health
I get anxious and depressed. Sometimes I don't want to share and sometimes I know that open discussion can help me realise that I am not alone or broken or unacceptably strange. We are all equally wonderful and weird. We are all stronger than we think we are and we are all okay. Remember, depression lies and sometimes we need someone else to reality check our thoughts especially on a bad day. Depression and anxiety suck and I wish I could erase them from existence so no one had to deal with their shit; but I can't and I wonder if they have a purpose... I really hope I'm busy learning a lesson here rather than the alternative.

4) Nature
Despite finding spiders generally shudder worthy, I really love nature. There's a lot of it, it's all very diverse and interesting and it can make you feel happy. I love standing in a wood when it's raining and listening to the leaves patter, hearing a crow cawing unseen in the mist first thing in the morning or the sight and scent of a pile of autumn leaves. Nature is soothing, grounding, energising, beautiful and terrible all at once. Nature mostly makes me happy, except when it hurts or kills people - I'm not a sociopath..

5)  Cats
I have been brain washed into being an adoring slave of the feline race and I welcome their play biting, 3am cat breath and stinky butts. Awwww, it's a kitty! Let me bribe you with nibbles so that I may snuggle you! (Delete/replace with anything furry or even those naked cats)

6)  Cake/Chocolate*
*Delete/replace with anything sweet. Sugar is nature's Prozac/vitamin and has made me the shape of the person I am today. Damn you wonderful sugar.

7)  Harry Potter
There's just something about J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World that would need a whole blog of its own to explain. Whilst all stories offer escapism, Harry Potter offers that and more: comfort, companionship and hope. Reading Harry Potter feels like going home.

8)  Geekery
From graphic novels to films, from Star Wars to My Neighbour Totoro, there have been few flavours of geekery which I have tried and not liked. All geekery is welcome, especially if they bring biscuits.

So, these are the things which shape my world, don't say I didn't warn you. But if you like any of these things too, you're in for a hopefully regular, if rambling read.

Blog post may meander or fail to make sense/be interesting and may also include:
Candles, tea, feathers, Firefly, autumn leaves, Vin Diesel, pumpkins, Halloween, Wicca, art, the supernatural, Supernatural, mindfulness, swimming, tarot, RPG's, XBox, music, dreams and foxes. Do not shake or store upside down.


  1. Sign me up. Everything I read here is delightful. Except mouldy leaves. And maybe cats, although we have two excellent ones. But everything else is just quite right. I relax by listening to wind rattling leaves, believe that books are the greatest product of civilization, and understand what you say about depression and particularly anxiety. Although I don't have any pet crows I am fascinated by the whole family, especially magpies. We have not seen you for far too long, take care of you all and keep scribbling. Love and hugs, Milo. xxx

    1. Thank you for endorsing this product :)
      It's so reassuring to know that my wild ramblings are maybe not so wild. I guess half the reason to blog is to lance one's brain boils and the other half is to know that you're not alone. Love and hugs back, we need the Alex at 8 x

  2. I'm a lurker but I'm here for the ride <3

    1. Lurk away :) but make sure you bring snacks and I pick the music!


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