A return of sorts...

"You go away for a long time and return a different person
- you never come all the way back."
- Paul Theroux

Hello, I'm Debra Chapman, otherwise known as Twistedwitch... you might remember me from the blog The Trick Is To Keep Blogging and posts such as blah, blah and blah. I'm here to talk about the future.

...I sound like a cheap tv ad for life insurance or double glazing... But how on earth do you kick off a new blog to replace your old blog when you've managed to get yourself locked out of it due to depression?

Any of you dear, darling readers out there who read my old blog will be able to testify that I was never a regular blogger but there is something about your brain trying to eat itself, the world turning to black shitty inescapable tar and a desire to no longer be sentient which makes you not want to share your worthless, pathetic views with anyone else, let alone the rest of the planet.

So for the past two and a half years I haven't wanted to blog, have barely wanted to interact with the world beyond the front door or through various rectangular electronic porthole devices. The most engaged I've been with the internet is Pintrest, which is essentially the technological equivalent of flicking through a huge and diverse magazine collection and scrapbooking the bits you like.

So I didn't blog and my blog lay dormant and beautiful like an exquisite corpse waiting to be found... until I started to feel better and wanted the discipline of having to write something. I thought my penny's worth might be ready to drop into the gargantuan wishing well of the internet, a copper gleam falling through deep water to rest with the billions and billions of others...

I couldn't access my blog because I had forgotten my password and my mobile number had changed. It never occurred to me when I was exhausted from crying or sleeping twelve hours at a time that I needed to log onto my blog and change my contact number in case of forgotten passwords...

Just as I felt like I was getting back up, this felt a little like a boot on my back, reminding me why it's best to stay down after all.

But... in the back of my head, I knew that writing a regular blog post would be good for me; a creative outlet, some all be it unwanted discipline and an opportunity to send my voice out into the canyons and see if it echoed back.

And so here we are. A different name, a different look, but the same old black clad, shadow hugging, autumn leaf chasing eclectic old me. If you want to come along for the ride you are more than welcome and I will try and keep this regular and point out the sights as we go along. Except for the burning trash heaps or the guy who likes to mow the lawn naked, I'll probably try and distract you from those bits unless you really insist... I could do with the company and it's a genuine delight to listen to something other than the voices in my head.

So buckle up, there's no knowing where I'll go from here, but that's the thing about the future, you never know what's around the corner...

Unless it's the corner near the perfect lawn, we all know exactly what's around that corner. Seriously just don't look...


  1. \\\\\\Welcome back super being!

  2. Wonderful to hear from you. There is a heaven scented hug floating around in the ether aimed at you from all of us (Annabelle, Lawrence and Edward's hugs are particularly nice). Milo. xxx


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